Cigar Review: Patel Bro’s Next Generation Robusto

Patel Bro's Next Generation Robusto

Tonight I smoked a Patel Bros Next Generation that I recently purchased in the Rocky Patel & Amilcar Perez 12 cigar sampler for just $20. So far I’ve had two: the Vudu and tonight the Next Generation. I wasn’t planning on reviewing this cigar until I started smoking it and was completely blown away.

Here are the specifications for this blend:

Binder: Honduran

Filler: Honduran

Wrapper: Habano

Appearance and Construction:

The habano wrapper, as described on Famous-Smokes is a rich brown with a reddish hue.  There are very few noticeable veins, the texture is smooth, and the cigar is packed firmly, but not tightly. After clipping the cigar using a straight cut, the draw is perfect. The label is sharp and attractive.

Great construction – I only ashed this cigar twice

Smoking Characteristics and Taste:

This cigar produces thick smoke, and throughout the hour-long smoke I found that it didn’t burn hot.  Construction throughout the smoke was completely flawless. What I found to be most compelling about this cigar, though, were the distinct tastes that were noticeable in the medium bodied smoke. The cigar kicked off with a bit of spice, and tastes of wood, coffee, and dark chocolate. Very rich and very enjoyable.  The second third of the cigar took on more woodiness and a bit of leather.   In the final third, the spice really drew back to a sweet woodiness.  I wouldn’t have minded returning to the first two thirds, but I was still enjoying the cigar immensely.

It was a shame to put this cigar down.

Conclusion: A

This was, hands down, a great cigar that I would highly recommend. Perfect construction, great taste—a great experience. Pick some of these cigars up sometime.  I would highly recommend checking out the 8-cigar sampler for just $15. You can find that here.

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  1. […] Specifications for this blend: Binder: Mexican Filler: Nicaraguan Wrapper: Habano Appearance and Construction: Fair. A few noticeable veins. The label, in my opinion, is not very attractive. There are a few minor blemish. On an upnote, the draw is, as is usually with Rocky Patel cigars, excellent. The wrapper is dark brown – a bit lighter than the image you will find on Famous Cigars. The cigar review notepad Smoking Characteristics and Taste: 1/3: This cigar kicks off with a pretty good deal of spice, though it is initially medium-full bodied.  Opening tastes are spice, black pepper, and natural tobacco. Certainly not the smoothest cigar, but I enjoy the spice and the complexity. 2/3: The spice pulls back for a minute or two, but is back stronger than before–a bit too much for me, honestly. This cigar reminds me a bit of the Perdomo Habano, though I think the Habano is a bit more well-balanced.  The spice continually builds and even becomes a bit acidic. I hope it backs off a bit. 3/3: By the last third of this cigar, I’m starting to really feel the tobacco. This is really a cigar to take slow. Smoke it too quickly and the smoke will heat up. The heat ended up becoming a pretty big problem, so I let the cigar rest earlier than usual. The innovative dress-shoe cigar holder Conclusion: This isn’t a bad cigar, but it definitely isn’t my favorite flavor/strength profile. Main flavor notes here are natural tobacco and black pepper behind it. If this is a flavor profile you are interested though, this cigar is definitely worth a try.  I’m definitely a much bigger fan of the Vudu and the Patel Bro’s Next Generation (you can find that reviewed here). […]

  2. […] cigar, per-se, but this really seems like a RP cigar trying to be the Patel Bros Next Generation (a GREAT cigar). I’m not going to be rushing to pick up more of these anytime […]

  3. […] In the past two weeks I’ve been able to review the four cigars featured in the sampler, the Patel Bro’s Next Generation, Rocky Patel Famous Signature, Rocky Patel 1961, and now the Vudu.  Overall, it has been an […]

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